Netflix puts on original content

Netflix’s leadership has revealed the future direction of the platform. Financial Director David Wells has revealed to the media that in the next few years at least half of the material available will be original productions. The rest of the content is to be licensed.

Netflix started its market activity by broadcasting content from third-party vendors, made available on a licensed platform. This strategy made sense at that time, because it was able to offer users a rich movie offer right away. Over time, however, the platform began to introduce more and more original content, produced solely for her needs. This turned out to be a bullseye.

Such series as “Orange Is the New Black”, “Daredevil” and “Stranger Things” gained instant popularity, showing the management of the platform that customers want original production. So, the boss has decided to set a new direction for the development of the company, based on the increase in original content produced by Netflix.

Chief Financial Officer David Wells, in a conversation with journalists, revealed that in the next few years, the platform intends to implement this plan successively. Its goal is to make at least half of the original content in the offer, while the rest of the material will be licensed.

Only this year in Netflix will be about 600 hours of original content, which produced $ 5 billion dollars. By next year, this amount will increase to 6 billion dollars. For comparison, last year the platform had only 450 hours of original content.

Netflix will introduce its films to theaters

Netflix has a plan to increase the visibility of its production. He intends to introduce them to the cinema. For this purpose, a contract has already been signed with iPic Entertainment. The partner will distribute 10 films produced for this platform.

Netflix has dominated the digital video marketplace, providing its users with convenient access to thousands of movies and TV series. This was mainly due to the massive investment in our own productions, which quickly gained popularity and gave the company many new users.

Netflix, however, is not enough and wants to reach its audience with a much wider audience. The platform is therefore planning to introduce them to the screens of theaters. For this purpose, an agreement has already been signed with the film operator iPic Entertainment, which will deal with Netflix’s 10 distribution. They will be introduced to theaters on the same day they will debut on the site.

53K King Stallion passed the first test under load

The CH-53K King Stallion is one of the latest transport helicopters designed to carry large loads. Machine built for three years at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Development Flight Center in

Palm Beach, Florida, has passed more than 2000 hours of testing, and in October last year made a virgin flight.

Her latest test was at the same time the first test under load, during which the helicopter lifted the cargo up to 9072 kg. Of course, this is not the last word of its constructors, because the aim is to achieve a lifting capacity of 12 247 kg, which the machine will be able to transport 203 km. This is three times the capacity compared to the previous model CH-53E Super Stallion.

In the next phase of the test, the helicopter will undergo a speed increase test during cargo transport, and then slowly increase the lifted mass to reach the maximum planned.

Wind turbines will be like trees?

Engineers working on clean energy from the wind are constantly striving to improve turbine designs for maximum efficiency. A team of engineers from Ohio State University has come up with the idea to make these big tree colts look like them.

Current wind turbines are not very efficient in terms of energy output. Their construction has a lot of disadvantages, it requires a certain amount of force, because if it is too weak or too strong, they will not be able to work. Engineers are working on completely new turbine projects that will not only spoil the landscape but also produce more energy.

A team of engineers from Ohio State University is testing the concept of creating tree-like turbines. Instead of large windmill blades, they would produce wind-induced winds. In theory, their design could be used not only in turbines themselves, as this technology would also be used in other buildings such as buildings or bridges that vibrate in the wind. This is a huge amount of kinetic energy, so the scientists would like to use these vibrations and convert them into energy.

Do not install latest windows 7 update!

And if you have already installed it, it is better to uninstall. Microsoft himself admitted that the latest patch could cause problems with the computer.

Last Tuesday, Microsoft released a software update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 users. Over time, however, it turned out that a set of security patches KB2823324 is quite unlucky because it causes a variety of problems.

After updating the system, some users started reporting non-functioning applications and incorrect messages about Kaspersky software, which could lead to a lack of antivirus protection. To make matters worse, in some cases, there was a problem with constantly rebooting computers and the famous Blue Screen of Death screen.

New method for detecting breast cancer

In the fight against cancer killing thousands of people every year, the most important thing is to detect their presence in the body as soon as possible. British researchers have just launched a pilot study aimed at the rapid detection of breast cancer in women. They claim that this can be done by examining the level of zinc present in the blood.

A joint project by scientists from Oxford University, the Royal Academy, and the Museum of Natural History has analyzed the blood zinc level in 10 patients (half of the control group and the other half in the tumor) as well as tissue samples from patients with cancer. breast.

Fiona Larner of the University of Oskford, who manages the team, said that for at least a decade it has been known that zinc levels in the blood may be related to breast cancer, but so far there has been no precise measurement method.

Now it has changed, because scientists have been able to develop a 100-fold more accurate way to detect changes in the isotopic environment of metals, from the method currently used in hospitals. In this way, it is possible to detect the key differences resulting from the way cancer cells change the way the body processes the metal.

The new method could help to create non-invasive blood tests that would detect markers of cancer cells at a very early stage, which would give a better chance of cure.

Of course, researchers will continue to continue the study, hoping to better understand the behavior of cancer cells.

Microsoft has presented Surface 3

The rumors of a new tablet from the Surface family have been circulating in the network for weeks, which is getting better and better every year. This moment has just arrived and Microsoft has unveiled Surface 4 with Windows and many useful applications.

The early Surface tablets were not very successful mainly due to poor technical specifications and poor Windows RT. Microsoft, however, was quick to learn from its mistakes, and more models were already refined, and the operating system also changed.

Now the company has announced the latest generation of its product, Surface 3, which already includes Windows 8.1, many well-known applications from personal computers, and one year subscription to Office 365. We will even offer a model with 4G LTE connectivity, which will greatly increase the functionality of the device.

Surface 3 is made from the same high quality materials as the Surface Pro 3. The device is only 8.7 mm thick and weighs 0.62 kg. In this thin case, a 10.8-inch touch screen display has a 3: 2 aspect ratio, and on the other side there is a stand that allows it to be placed in a comfortable position that can be retracted when it is no longer needed.

The tablet is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom x7 processor, one of the most powerful Atom available in the market. However, the manufacturer does not disclose the amount of RAM, as well as the usable memory.

However, the specification of the devices installed in the device was given. The rear has a resolution of 8 megapixels and autofocus while the front 3.5 megapixels. Both allow you to record movies at 1080p resolution. The product also has a 13W charger that will charge the battery much faster, but of course you will also be able to use a standard charger for your phone. The device also has a USB 3.0 port, microSD card slot and Mini DisplayPort input.

Surface 3 runs on a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1, and for business clients it has Windows Pro. Of course, it will also be possible to upgrade to Windows 10 when it becomes available. The use of a standard operating system enabled the use of popular applications for work, learning, and entertainment, as it will also be able to run computer games.

Face recognition technology in KFC

The Chinese branch of the KFC network will soon be opening its first intelligent restaurant in Beijing. The facial recognition technology installed in it, will suggest to customers different types of meals, matching them to their person.

When going to fast-food restaurants, we often do not have a precise order and choose them on the spot from the menu offered. The Chinese branch of KFC wants to use it and, together with Baidu’s online giant, is working to launch Beijing’s first smart restaurant.

The new facility will feature face recognition technology, whereby the computer will suggest to the customer a meal that can fit into his taste expectations. The restaurant will use scanners to record customers’ faces and special software that will determine their age, sex and will analyze facial expressions, assessing his mood.

Based on the collected data, it will offer customers the type of meal that will best suit them. Baidu explains that if a customer is around 20 years old, the technology will offer him, for example, a set of hamburger with crispy chicken, fried chicken wings and coke. If the customer is approaching 50, then the technology will offer him oatmeal and soy milk, which will be good for his health.

Of course, the system is to be completely optional and no one will be forced to order his meal.

Ford tests autonomic cars in the snow

Ford is one of several automotive concerns that work on autonomous vehicle technology. However, before these vehicles hit the showrooms, they must do the same in all driving conditions. So the American company started testing its snow-covered prototype based on the Fusion model.

Autonomous vehicles are likely to be the future of motoring, but before they start caring for us, it will take a few years of research and technological development to address the safety of passengers. Computer control systems for the operation of these vehicles have to deal with all road conditions. Meanwhile, companies working on self-driving cars, including Google, have not yet been tested to test them in winter when roads are covered with thick snow.

The first step in this direction was made by Ford, who has just started testing his own prototype in the snow. Jim McBride, the company’s chief technology officer, told the media that about 70% of US residents live in areas where winter roads are covered with snow. The tests will show how autonomous vehicles can cope in such unusual conditions.

Driving in snow is much more difficult as vehicles are not able to track horizontal lines, and traffic signs are often obscured by white fluff. The test model, therefore, uses LiDAR and accurate three-dimensional maps created in collaboration with Michigan University engineers to keep the computer geared to the ground and remain on the road even when it is overwhelmed. LiDAR is basically the only system on which the car is subject to such conditions, since the suitability of other systems, ie sensors and cameras, is severely limited by falling snow.

Facebook raises the level of account security

YubiKey is the latest Facebook offering to increase the level of user account security. This is a hardware key that effectively protects it from hacker attacks.

Increasing threat from hackers has forced companies to provide different types of Internet services, increasing the level of security of user accounts.

Most of them went to a two-tier user authentication system, consisting of a password and an additional code sent by SMS to his phone. This way, even if a cybercriminal steals passwords, he will not take over our account as he will not have access to the second security code.

This has been the case so far, but more and more tools are emerging to take control of the victim’s smartphone and thus get access to authorized SMSs, so the two-tier security system is no longer so secure. Facebook has this way in the form of an external hardware key called YubiKey.

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