Face recognition technology in KFC

The Chinese branch of the KFC network will soon be opening its first intelligent restaurant in Beijing. The facial recognition technology installed in it, will suggest to customers different types of meals, matching them to their person.

When going to fast-food restaurants, we often do not have a precise order and choose them on the spot from the menu offered. The Chinese branch of KFC wants to use it and, together with Baidu’s online giant, is working to launch Beijing’s first smart restaurant.

The new facility will feature face recognition technology, whereby the computer will suggest to the customer a meal that can fit into his taste expectations. The restaurant will use scanners to record customers’ faces and special software that will determine their age, sex and will analyze facial expressions, assessing his mood.

Based on the collected data, it will offer customers the type of meal that will best suit them. Baidu explains that if a customer is around 20 years old, the technology will offer him, for example, a set of hamburger with crispy chicken, fried chicken wings and coke. If the customer is approaching 50, then the technology will offer him oatmeal and soy milk, which will be good for his health.

Of course, the system is to be completely optional and no one will be forced to order his meal.

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