Facebook raises the level of account security

YubiKey is the latest Facebook offering to increase the level of user account security. This is a hardware key that effectively protects it from hacker attacks.

Increasing threat from hackers has forced companies to provide different types of Internet services, increasing the level of security of user accounts.

Most of them went to a two-tier user authentication system, consisting of a password and an additional code sent by SMS to his phone. This way, even if a cybercriminal steals passwords, he will not take over our account as he will not have access to the second security code.

This has been the case so far, but more and more tools are emerging to take control of the victim’s smartphone and thus get access to authorized SMSs, so the two-tier security system is no longer so secure. Facebook has this way in the form of an external hardware key called YubiKey.

NSA employee responsible for leaking hacking tools

US authorities are still investigating the leak of NSA hacking tools. They hit the hands of a hacker group called Shadow Brokers, which then placed them on the network. It is unofficially mentioned that one of the agency’s employees may be responsible for the leak.

A few years ago, Edward Snowden unveiled all the secrets of the NSA, also describing hacking tools that allow agency employees to break into computers to retrieve data. One of these tools leaked to the network after it had hit Shadow Brokers.

Government authorities investigating leakage have now focused on the theory that one of NSA employees is responsible for it. Three years ago, the agent used them on a remote computer and probably caused them to fall into the hands of Russian hackers.

These tools allow the user to exploit vulnerabilities in the system software to access the computer.They can be used to attack multiple devices, including routers and Cisco routers, putting customers at risk of losing data.

Reuters revealed that after the NSA discovered theft of the tools, she checked only whether they were using Russia or China. When no suspicious activity was detected, the matter was swept under the carpet. The agency did not even bother to tell companies that hackers could exploit vulnerabilities in their systems.

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