53K King Stallion passed the first test under load

The CH-53K King Stallion is one of the latest transport helicopters designed to carry large loads. Machine built for three years at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Development Flight Center in

Palm Beach, Florida, has passed more than 2000 hours of testing, and in October last year made a virgin flight.

Her latest test was at the same time the first test under load, during which the helicopter lifted the cargo up to 9072 kg. Of course, this is not the last word of its constructors, because the aim is to achieve a lifting capacity of 12 247 kg, which the machine will be able to transport 203 km. This is three times the capacity compared to the previous model CH-53E Super Stallion.

In the next phase of the test, the helicopter will undergo a speed increase test during cargo transport, and then slowly increase the lifted mass to reach the maximum planned.

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