Wind turbines will be like trees?

Engineers working on clean energy from the wind are constantly striving to improve turbine designs for maximum efficiency. A team of engineers from Ohio State University has come up with the idea to make these big tree colts look like them.

Current wind turbines are not very efficient in terms of energy output. Their construction has a lot of disadvantages, it requires a certain amount of force, because if it is too weak or too strong, they will not be able to work. Engineers are working on completely new turbine projects that will not only spoil the landscape but also produce more energy.

A team of engineers from Ohio State University is testing the concept of creating tree-like turbines. Instead of large windmill blades, they would produce wind-induced winds. In theory, their design could be used not only in turbines themselves, as this technology would also be used in other buildings such as buildings or bridges that vibrate in the wind. This is a huge amount of kinetic energy, so the scientists would like to use these vibrations and convert them into energy.

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